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Galvanized Sheet Metal Container 50 l

Galvanized sheet metal containers are made from high-quality steel using modern facilities and are characterized by safety and long service life.

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To make more convenient for our customers, we ship on DDP delivery terms.

Galvanized sheet metal container - practical and reliable products

Inventory made of hot-dip galvanized sheet metal material becomes indispensable for every purpose. Galvanized sheet metal containers, made of high-quality steel, are used in everyday life, agriculture, construction, and other industries. Poli-Maks offers customers quality products from its own production that will last for many years.

Product advantages:

  • Lightweight;
  • Sustainability;
  • Compactness;
  • Hygiene;
  • Safety.

Thanks to these features, the 50-liter galvanized sheet metal container is a universal container for storing water, various bulk materials, animal feed, etc. Seams are treated with sealant. The galvanized sheet metal container has reinforcements around the perimeter for stability on the surface.

Poli-Maks, a reliable supplier of galvanized sheet metal containers made of high-quality steel.

Our company is a manufacturer of metal products and supplies products to various countries around the world. Thanks to large production capacities, modern equipment, and the best specialists, Poli-Maks will fulfill orders in any quantity in the shortest time. The galvanized sheet metal container lasts for many years as it is protected from corrosion by a zinc coating, is resistant to mechanical damage, and is easy to clean due to its smooth surface.

The 50-liter galvanized sheet metal container is a standard and universal container size. The rectangular shape of the product is ideal for compact storage and does not take up much space. The presence of a rim on top facilitates the handling of inventory.

Poli-Maks products comply with European standards. A multi-stage quality control is carried out in production. Our partners can be confident that the galvanized sheet metal container delivered to them is free of defects, as each product is carefully inspected for flaws.

The versatile galvanized sheet metal container saves money on the purchase of additional containers due to its strength, reliability, and durability.

How do we deliver materials?

We value each of our customers. To make the delivery more convenient for you, our customers, we have therefore switched to DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) delivery terms. In other words, our company collaborates directly with carriers, intermediaries, as well as logistics warehouses.

Also, please note that the lead time for delivery and the delivery for regular customers is the fastest and most cost-effective.

How is our company?

Our company, Poli-Maks GmbH, is among the major wholesalers of metal products for civil engineering and road construction. The manufacturing of our goods takes place in Dnipro, Ukraine. The final stages of our production workshop are managed through the production of items in large quantities. We also have an annual distribution of sales areas. We consistently meet all customer needs, producing high-quality products at reasonable prices, with the aim of satisfying as many customers as possible.

How can you contact us?

Below you can read information about where to find us and how to contact someone from our company.

You can reach him by phone at +380-68-477-71-39.

Or you can also write to us at our email officepolimax@gmail.com so that we can answer all your questions.

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